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Tomato Plant Soap - July

Tomato Plant Soap - July

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Enjoy the herbal and spicy scent of a tomato plant, warm from the summer sun. This is a true to life scent, herbal and green, airy with that specific bright tomato plant smell. Hints of lemon zest, thyme, and moss round it out to make it the most interesting soap around. 

Our extra large bars of soaps are generously scented with an extended cure time to ensure you will enjoy it for as long as possible!
Phthalate & Paraben-Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free


Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Organic RSPO Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Raw Shea Butter, Fragrance Blend with Essential Oils and Natural Plant Extracts, Castor Bean Oil Kaolin Clay, Sugar, Sodium Lactate, Mica

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
ashley Helton
Am I in the garden?

I LOVE that this soap perfectly takes me to the smell of summers in the garden. It smells like your hands smell after planting or pruning tomatoes, which is a fave for me. It’s a good kitchen sink soap!

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Allie Tennessen
Smells like Summertime

Wow I didn’t think it was possible for a soap to make me have flashbacks to growing tomatoes on my family’s farm as a kid but this soap did just that. One of the most unique scents I have ever used but I absolutely love it! Definitely going to snag a few more before they are gone!

Good Memories

This soap reminds me of my grandfather. Ever year he would plant a bunch of tomato plants, I would help him in the garden. I would never had thought that a soap that smells like tomatoes would be this good and remind me of digging in the garden. I enjoyed this soap so much I sent several to my family members in hopes it brings them the same good memories.

Ann Marie
Love this soap!

At first I thought why on earth would someone make a tomato leaf soap? But then I bought it and smelled it and now I see why. The scent in amazing. So fresh and zesty. I had no idea I even liked this scent but apparently now it's my favorite. Great soap, too. Good lather and gentle on the skin. I can't wait to buy more products...especially tomato soap!

Ashley Teller
Makes my gardener heart happy

So the week before I bought this soap I was standing amongst my tomato plants pruning and trellising them and I sniffed the smell of the tomato plants on my hands and wished I could have it in a bottle to smell all year long. So when I came on this site to shop I literally squealed when I saw this one. It doesn't literally smell the same, it's sweet and bright but has the wonderful fresh and green smell that I love in the garden. It's the perfect kitchen soap.