About Us

How it started: Bars of soap made in our founder’s kitchen as part therapy, part
How it’s going: A successful business offering vegan soap and skin care products

Mel Mullins started making soap in her kitchen in South Knoxville, Tennessee. Turns out, there’s a market for waste free, environmentally conscious, transparent skincare products that also smell amazing and make you feel good. In January 2020, Knox Girl Soap was launched.

Since then, we’ve expanded our offering and our team. In 2021, the business moved out of Mel’s kitchen and into a different one – Real Good Kitchen. This commercial space allowed us to scale production, and that’s when Anna Bogle added her skills to our mix. It quickly became clear that she was an integral part of the team, and in 2023 became a full business partner. (Pinch us, please.)

We’re passionate about creating and producing safe, natural, eco-friendly products – and that will never be different. From the beginning, we’ve believed that our products are for everyone, and scent has no gender. That’s why, in 2023, Knox Girl Soap became All Y’all Skincare.

We love what we do, we’re so happy to be a part of your day, and
we’re grateful you’re on this journey with us. We hope we bring you moments of joy.