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Wow! And so Clean, Clean, Clean :)

Just got to use my first Fresh and Clean bar and it's amazing! It's a perfect fragrance for the whole family - just cut it in half for twice the soap and use a little wooden tray.

Wood Butter
Glenda Tapper
Wood Butter

I love the renewing properties of this Wood Butter on all my wooden utensils, but especially my favorite spoons that I've had forever. Now they'll get the long life they deserve! Thanks. All Y'all!

The real deal

Love this roll on!! Strong patchouli scent which is hard to find. Seven hours later still going strong!!

Absolutely love!!!

I have issues sleeping through the night and with a little of this rubbed on my wrist, I’m out like a light. Same with my boyfriend we both love it! Will absolutely keep buying this!!!

Intense Eczema Ointment
Jodie Masterman
Baby and me!

I bought this for my toddlers eczema which gets bad in the winter. It really helps and I don’t feel bad about the ingredients. I use my hands everyday for work so they get pretty beat up. I put this on before I go to sleep and I wake up to soft, moisturized hands. BUY IT!


Look forward to showering so I can use this soap! It’s perfect in every way!

Blood Orange Body Butter

incredible on all levels!! Makes even the driest skin like silk!!! I bought 3 products and love each one- the intensive eczema ointment really delivers as does the “Glow!”

All Y'all Sample - Free while supplies last!

very strong and fresh scent! definitely want to pick up a full size bar!!

All Y'all Sample - Free while supplies last!

I haven't used it yet but the look and smell of this soap was a nice surprise. I can't wait to use it

This is by far my favorite scent, I’ve gone through many, many bottles and always restock with several so I always have some on hand wherever I am! Highly recommend.

All Y'all Sample - Free while supplies last!

Absolutely loved it! Got mine this morning and I already tried it out! It smells so good

Cedar Patchouli Aromatherapy Roller

Works with air purifiers!

I bought the kumquat blend from a fair. I use it in my air purifier, which has an essential oils tray. It smells great, kinda sweet and citrusy. Great price too.

Calming & Comforting

The lavender soap always makes me feel fresh, it’s a shower essential!

Love this combination…

Asheville Soap - August

Diggin the re-launch! The quality and amazing scents of their products are still amazing. I am a fan ♥️

Sandalwood Soap
Sandalwood is my new favorite!

I love all of my All Y’all products, but some of them, (like Sandalwood), just captivate me. This one is fresh with that distinct clean scent, but also subtle and earthy. It’s one of the ones where I have to actively concentrate on not inhaling the suds when I’m in the shower! It is definitely a must-try scent!!!

Asheville Soap - August
Carol O'Donnell
Visual and Fragrant Soap Feast

The Asheville soap brings a lovely hint of incense without being overpowering in any way. Cut it in half just to gaze at the vibrant colors. C

Love this scent!! Many compliments 😊

Buy it!

Was not impressed

Shop local
Great strong scents
Will buy again


I received some patchouli lavender body cream for Christmas last year. Sadly I am literally scraping all of it from the tin. I went online to order more, but they were out of stock so I ordered the patchouli cedar hand salve and soap. No lotion in this scent either but the salve works fine if you hold it in your hands and let it get soft. I love it. STRONG on patchouli (which is what I prefer) and lasting scent. I get compliments all the time. Hooked on the scent I will buy again. And please make more patchouli lavender everything!!

Coconut Sandalwood - July
The best summer soap!

While I have loved every Knox Girl Soap scent I’ve ever purchased, this one might be the best one yet. We need this in a body butter too!