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Wood Butter

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Begin your journey towards a more natural and environmentally friendly home! This wood butter is a wonderful product to use with our sisal and beechwood dish brush.

Like any wood used in the kitchen, seasoning and sealing the wood periodically will greatly increase the life of your tools. 

To ensure your brush lasts as long on possible, we include a container of rich wood oil to waterproof and season your wood. (It works great on all wooden kitchen accessories!)


100% Pure Coconut Oil, Walnut Oil, Beeswax, Lemon Essential Oil

How to Use

Coat wood brush or other tools with a thin layer of wood butter. For most protection leave overnight and wipe off excess next day. Repeat monthly or whenever protection seems to be wearing off. 

For longest lasting brush (or any wood tools) keep wood out of water for an extended length of time and make sure wood is hand washed. Dry brush out between uses.